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What you currently have in front of you. Commonly used to input words into a computer.
Wow! There's a keyboard in front of me right now!
ayon kay thlalyi ika-07 ng Pebrero, 2003
424 88
the thing i used to type this definition.
You're so bored you went on Urban Dictionary to look up keyboard.
ayon kay Not A. Jew ika-31 ng Marso, 2009
150 18
Wat u just now used to type the letters K E Y B O A R D ....
I dont know wat a keyboard is....but im using one right now...!
ayon kay ManOfHell ika-22 ng Mayo, 2008
168 45
1.the only thing, besides your penis, that's in your hands right now.
2. apparently it is a weapon (see the movie WANTED)
oh bro could you hold my keyboard for me? no, not that the other thing.
ayon kay ZBreezy ika-28 ng Hunyo, 2009
86 26
thing that u use to type with, some are curvy shaped and stuff, like all ergonomic, and it hooks up to the cpu i think, and some have stickey keys.
anyone who makes an inuendo out of this one is a retard
ayon kay common sensical ika-06 ng Oktubre, 2004
11 9
board with buttons on it for typing on computers
Stop pressing the buttons on my keyboard!!
ayon kay SengUng ika-05 ng Mayo, 2003
75 88
A bitches everybody is able to put their hands on and she doesnt really care.
Person 1: That bitch is a keyboard, a grabbed her ass and she didnt say shit.
Person 2: Damn, really? wait a minute, a check out her back space.
ayon kay Toronto Raptors ika-27 ng Enero, 2008
29 79