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To get everything included. To get all the bells and whistles.
The Combonation.
I thought she'd buy me a fishing pole for my birthday.She bought the the whole kit and caboodle,hooks and everthing.

I brought her a stove,refrigerator,microwave oven and dishwasher,the whole kit and caboodle.

Instead of buying our entertainment center piece by piece. We went ahead and got the whole kit and caboodle.
ayon kay Clump A Clay ika-17 ng Setyembre, 2007
everything, the totality
Get the whole kit and caboodle.
ayon kay The Return of Light Joker ika-25 ng Setyembre, 2007
An ass and vaginal region
"I got busy with your moms and got all juicy in her kit and caboodle."
ayon kay LeRoy ika-22 ng Enero, 2004