Compound of "killer" and "itch", referring to intense itchiness, especially genital, especially in females.

Supports use of the term, kitchener
Oh my, this kitch is driving me INSANE!
#syn. itchy muffin #jock itch #rel. kitchener #itchy britches #itch fest
ayon kay MiltonS ika-11 ng Marso, 2010
really really cool
cooler than cool
cooler than ANYTHING!
That Death Cab concert was kitch. I loved when everyone was crowd surfing.
#cool #sweet #off the hook #awesome #amazing
ayon kay Shirley Temple ika-15 ng Mayo, 2007
1.VERB To cum, Ejaculate, shoot/blow your load, squirt, splooge, etc.

2. NOUN A cumstain, jizz stain, semen.
1. If you don't leave now im'a get a kitch on your whole fucking wardrobe.

2. "dude , is that a kitch on your jacket"
" yes "
#cum #jizz #cream #semen #sperm
ayon kay codycook ika-29 ng Abril, 2009
Kicked In The Cunt House
yahoo group KITCH
#cunt kick #cunt punt #cunt busting #pussy kicking #cuntbusting
ayon kay Wattsofpower ika-18 ng Setyembre, 2008
it is short for kitchen. southwest miami style shortens words to make them one syllable. such as kitch(kitchen) and vag(vagina)
yo, do u need anything from the kitch? cuz im getting a glass of orange juice and a some hummus n pita.
#kitch #kitchen #room. sink #refrigerator #cocina #dishes
ayon kay sharktongue ika-17 ng Setyembre, 2006
Literal translation: kinky bitch
He is such a kitch!!
#bitch #sex addict #prostitute #whore #slut
ayon kay Jackie Baffour, Steve Monaghan, Vicky Thompson ika-21 ng Oktubre, 2006
Kitch originates from the a young teen rocker/emo/punk , known also as kitchen he is also seen as a defination of Kewl and Hot
i am soooooooo kitch, which would mean i am sooooo amazingly kewl
ayon kay Boris the purple turnip ika-29 ng Marso, 2005
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