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ayon kay Mark Hoppus ika-13 ng Hulyo, 2003
1.A sexy minx like woman
2.A foxay lady
3.A feline femme fatale
"Hey,did you see Catherine!?"
"Oh, yeh, Cat sure is a kitty cat!"
#minx #sexy #attractive #cat #femme fatale #stripper
ayon kay Nicole123456 ika-06 ng Marso, 2008
A cute, beautiful Asian girl that has cat-like features. They also have the tendency to say "meow" between every sentence.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that little Kitty Cat?
Guy 2: Yeah, she's hot!
#cat #meow #moo #awesome #perfect #cool #kitty #kitty cat #hot
ayon kay SirwilliamMcJohnson ika-16 ng Enero, 2011
a drinking game in wich the contestants act like kitty cats. he who laughs, takes a drink.
Aar: i got a case of National Light
Kas: its called Natural Light
Aar: Wanna play Kitty Cats?
Kas: Meow
Aar: Meow
#drinking game #whiskey #natural light #right ripped #hammered
ayon kay ndbaar01 ika-05 ng Abril, 2011
Scratch or claw marks left in a man's skin after a very intense session of sexual intercourse with a particularly agressive woman.
The KittyCat on my back hurts like a bitch after what Kim did to me the other night.
#scatch #claw mark #cuts #slice #gash
ayon kay Vilandil Tasardur ika-10 ng Mayo, 2006
A man who loves the fashionable clothes like the ladies, with the pinkish colors (british coll.)
John: That dapper dandy is the cat's meow!
Mary: What a fine kitty cat!

#kitty cat #fashion #clothes #man #flowers
ayon kay Samson Popowitz ika-12 ng Oktubre, 2007
A womans unshaved hairy vagina.
"She didn't show me her boobs, she showed me her kitty cat though.
ayon kay Logan ika-13 ng Abril, 2005
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