A girl that tends to act like a bitch or whore

Usually appears to have:
-brown hair
-awkward teeth
-bushy eyebrows

They also tend to THINK they appear "better" then most people so they are usually dangerous to others.
Untalented in music such as signing and playing instruments.
The word "i love you" will give a guy instant access to blowjobs from her.
Has poor hygiene and does not wear underwear.
Usually does stupid things and is the most talked about person in a negative way.
Will spread rumors to try and make her self look better or have people feel bad for her.
person 1: "did you hear what happened today?"

person 2: "no what happened?"

person 1: "Its another Kylie thing"

person 2: "typical"
ayon kay ilove<3 ika-06 ng Agosto, 2011
A wonderful, magnificent,12 year old girl who isn't afraid of anything. Spends most of her time in boxes and vents. Likes to dumpster dive with her best friend Austin. And Likes horses, and other animals. Who is a complete tom boy.
You're a Tom Boy your a so Kylie
ayon kay Monsterbaby10123 ika-30 ng Hulyo, 2009
kylie is a word use for a girl thats fine and has a tight pussy you cant pass up
that girl is so kylie, i would tear that shit up
ayon kay $KEVO WHO? KEVO$ ika-26 ng Agosto, 2008
Kylie is a fat ugly crazy haired weirdo, who usually has a long beard and mustache. "It" usually have both private parts. They are only in love with dogs and lick cars daily. They are also very hairy EVERYWHERE!
Mom look it's a Kylie! "Said little girl". RUN! RUN!! RUN!!! "Said her very caring mother"
ayon kay Norval jolen101 ika-10 ng Disyembre, 2012
A jerk face. Someone who talks crap about you behind her back, then lies about it later. When you think somethings funny, she has to pretend to laugh, to just try and stay your friend. Copies everything you do, and doesnt learn from her mistakes. Needs to get a life. If you are forced to meet a Kylie, run away in sheer terror. Dont belive anything she says.
Girl: I got my phone taken for calling my mom a liar.
Girl 2: Wow. So bogus.
Kylie: Total epic fail girl!
*a few hours later. Kylie is talking to a different group of girls.***
Kylie: I got my phone taken for calling my mom a liar.
Girl 3: Wow. So bogus.
Girl 1: Didnt I tell you that earlier?
Kylie: I dont know what your talking about.
ayon kay sexybeastgirl91 ika-27 ng Mayo, 2011
A disgusting slut with greasy (fake) blonde hair who does things with guys who have girlfriends and nasty older ugly dudes and probaly has maggets in her vagina.Thinks she is so amazing and that everyone loves her but no one wants to be her friend because she steals thier boyfriends some how even though she looks like a rat.
Oh god she is so turning into a Kylie.
ayon kay ginger&blondie69 ika-24 ng Hunyo, 2011
when a woman sits on a person's face and forces them to fight for air
she totally kylied that dude into the hospital!
ayon kay Roger Mattson, ika-18 ng Pebrero, 2008
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