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Pertaining to lesbian activities and lesbian nature.
"Your friends are so lesbionic."
ayon kay Mikey Roadkill ika-02 ng Oktubre, 2004
Half-lesbian, half-machine!

May exist in hentai. I'm not sure.
Will Lego come out with Lesbionicles?

She wasn't just an android, she was LESBIONIC!
ayon kay junkyard prince ika-14 ng Oktubre, 2003
The cunning art of lesbianism.
ayon kay mary mary ika-06 ng Hunyo, 2003
referring to a person/object/word/place that looks like a lesbian/something a lesbian would wear/say/go to!
"Say something lesbionic."
"Home Depot!"
"Boy George, you are gay!"
-Jack with Rosie O'Donnell on Will & Grace
ayon kay iLoveMySC ika-05 ng Marso, 2005
referring to anything of a lesbian nature
Ok dude....this is starting to get lesbionic
ayon kay sillysausage ika-29 ng Enero, 2006
to be lesbian like, acting like a lesbian
I would love to cuddle with you, but in a non-lesbionic way
ayon kay SJ FACTION ika-07 ng Disyembre, 2005
of or pertaining to the bionic nature of lesbians
Monnette can change her own oil and enjoys trips to Home Depot -- how lesbionic!
ayon kay Mimi ika-23 ng Mayo, 2003
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