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medium sized girl. Brown hair. Emontional at times a bitch to others. Slaps her boyfriend 15 times when shes on her mentrual cycle because her boyfriends trying to make her happy. Chubby cheaks, ( butt or face cheaks) loves rodeo and country music and is proud of it. loves sweet patatos. School accidemics aint that great! Math Lab with linda wells is her thing. Hates her boyfriends friends sept Ryan Kirkman. Farts un controled. Often gets remarks she is getting fat, looks like a horse, is immature or complains alot. Wears pants that are to big for her along with her white fruit of the loom giant granny pantiess!
"wow, look at that girl she looks like a horse and she wont stop complaining her pants are to big! Ew you can see her granny panties and goshh, her face look like a horse with all of those sweet patatos on it! Andd lordyy shes so damn fat!"

"look, now shes hitting that odd looking boy because hes trying to tickle her!"

"ahh whats that smell?"

"a fart perhaps?"

"lets leave!"

"c'mon thats gotta be by far the stupidest girl ever!"

"duhh every lladnek is!"
ayon kay Kendi Lou ika-08 ng Hunyo, 2009
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