Laugh out of nowhere/Laughing out of nowhere.
That dude is weird he was l.o.o.n..
Sometimes i l.o.o.n!
i lol and loon
#lol #lmao #rofl #loon #l.o.l
ayon kay Quest Crew Gal ika-11 ng Abril, 2009
a: a rain or snow storm

b. a song

c. a player
a. " Skillet Head says theres a LOON coming in, So I better put some fresh duct tape on the car window"
#duct tape #skillet head #loon #song #player #rain #snow
ayon kay The Tit ika-27 ng Enero, 2007
ugly ass shoes; anti hip-hop fashion; the opposite of air force ones; the opposite of fly kickz
Laura: Hey Ana, look at the guy with the ugly loons over there!
Ana: Yea u right, he look gay!
#part of a gay outfit #young clothes #non-kickz #ugly ass shoes #non-boots
ayon kay teasin ika-11 ng Abril, 2006
Tommie Harper; a silly person; the other Tommie Harper
Paul from Huntsville is the loon.
ayon kay Paul P. ika-07 ng Hunyo, 2003
In Northern Michigan, slang for a very attractive young lady. Also slang for jizzing one's pants.
Everytime I see the loons on the Williamston girls' track team, I loon my shorts.
#sexy #petoskey #jizz #michigan #up north
ayon kay drunkspencer ika-18 ng Oktubre, 2012
a LOON is to "Laugh Out Of Nose". When people say LOL or to "Laugh Out Loud", most of the time they actually LOON. Think about next time you supposedly LOL, I bet you will actually LOON.
"loon!! i just saw some girl fall down the stairs"

simply respond to a funny text with "loon"
#lol #loon #face #poop #funny
ayon kay Sergeant832 ika-24 ng Oktubre, 2011
Something funny. Something ignorant and rude but completely awesome.
Hitting that guy with a soda was fucking loon!
#awesomeo #ignorance #prank #malicious #harass
ayon kay four hundred ika-17 ng Pebrero, 2008
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