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A shortened version of the word madam, which was formally used when addressing women in the days when etiqute and common curtesy were commonplace.

The term Ma'am is often coupled with the word No, to create the phrase "No Ma'am", which flows off the tounge very well if you have a Southern US accent.
Ma'am: Excuse me officer, could you tell me the route to Texas, I seem to be lost?

Officer: Sorry Ma'am, that is something I am unable to do at this time.
ayon kay areyoufrombritish ika-14 ng Setyembre, 2005
293 114

Also written as ma'am.
BOB: "Have a nice day, maam."
ayon kay saint_aura ika-12 ng Hunyo, 2006
41 19
to call a woman "ma'am," especially when she is (or thinks she is) way too young to be considered one.
(some twenty-something): oh my god, that waiter just ma'amed me.
(a friend): ha ha, you got ma'amed by a guy twice your age!
ayon kay LeliW ika-09 ng Oktubre, 2007
86 82
a word one would use when addressing HRH Queen Elizabeth II or any British queen.
Queen: congratulations on successfully achieving knighthood.

some toffee-nosed twat: thank you ma'am.
ayon kay corpsio ika-08 ng Oktubre, 2005
79 99
the ultimate comeback to any statement in which someone attempts to make themselves look cooler than you at your own expense.

tim: john your such a cunt chewing ass chomper!!!!

ayon kay b prick ika-12 ng Marso, 2009
29 90