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bestest guy friend you could have, funnayy, cute, totally fun to be around
but can also be a horny beast
Let's go to the movies with matty! That would be so much fun!

Matty, lets not have sex tonight, please.
#bestie #yay #funn #cool #hehe
ayon kay lanzzz=] ika-24 ng Disyembre, 2008
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A Sexy Ass White Kid Who Attracts All The Girls . Known For Being Great In Bed. Very Atletic And Never Is Ass At Ball
That White Boy Over There Is A Matty . He Has The Whole Package
#gets #pussy #big #dick #heartbreaker
ayon kay Known (: ika-06 ng Mayo, 2011
To open handedley slap someone. Denote disrespect for the person being slapped because they had pointed out you would never be the "American President" as played by Michael Douglas.
"shut up or i'm gonna fuckin' matty you!"

"i saw this guy talking to my girlfriend and to piss on my spot i mattied him"
#slap #bitchslap #slap and tickle #disrespect #slapdragon
ayon kay honeybadger0706 ika-23 ng Agosto, 2011
A very lovable person. He is beautiful and talented. If you're not careful, you will fall for him. He can break your heart or make it soar. If you're not ready for a "Matty", you will never get over him. If you ever have the chance to meet or love a Matty, never let him go.
The boy is real Matty, I'll never get over him
#maty #lover #maddie #beautiful #musical
ayon kay Darc72 ika-27 ng Marso, 2013
the name of a person who is an absolute mad cunt
matty your such a mad cunt, why are you so cool, your my hero man i wish to be as buff as you one day
#matty #mad #cunt #yew #funny #jimmeh #downsyndrome #penis
ayon kay ahjimmeh ika-13 ng Agosto, 2008
the bestest guy in the world, hard to find, one of a kind
"i wish i could find a guy like matty"
#sweet #smart #cute #little #tiny #bestest
ayon kay badunkadunk ika-03 ng Oktubre, 2005

An EXTREMELY good looking, charming, perfect, beautiful Korean guy that created a famous "video" with his trisexual, vietnamese, partner-in-crime named huy.
Person 1: "Did you see Matty and Huy's sexy new video??"

Person 2: "Yeah it was amazing!!"
#pretty boy #trisexual #korean #vietnamese #hot #sexy #matt yim #huy nguyen
ayon kay ltny39 ika-25 ng Enero, 2011
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