Top Definition is an urban legend, a creepypasta, of a game that was made for the original gameboy system. unlike most gameboy games, it was not released on its own cartridge and instead was hidden within other games cartridges and could only be accessed by performing a certain sequence of events or by glitching into the game somehow.

the game consists of level filled with traps and death drops all the while being pursued by a demon that toys with the player characters emotions, and threatening to bring misfortune to any who fail at the game.

players who lost at the game were made to become very depressed, suicidal and even physically sick in some cases and this is what made the story a creepypasta. however, unlike many creepypastas, this was actually true. the hidden game featured a game over screen which showed a picture of the demon that pursues the player and the text "i am god here" written in blood whilst a horrible 8 bit soundtrack played. this music would only play upon losing and the frequencies of the music affected the minds of many people causing these "misfortunes" so to speak, to happen. this can be confirmed with the studies of musicology and psychology.

the game is near impossible to find but it is known to be in at least 5 different gameboy videogame cartridges.
links awakening is a known game to contain
pokemon red is another.
so is puchi carat.
ayon kay astroboy87 ika-02 ng Disyembre, 2012
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