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A food that instills a desire to continue to eat more and more of it; addictive.
Those chocolates are very morish.
ayon kay David Hughes ika-23 ng Abril, 2004
The term morish refers to a thing ,person or event that you like or would like more of
MMmm thats so morish,
ayon kay Shan ika-15 ng Abril, 2003
Being so bad at something that eventually you don't even see it anymore.
Dude, don't you see how morish you are at this.
ayon kay Anonymous5555555555555 ika-11 ng Enero, 2012
A very crass sounding word, that I wouldn't use in a sentence ... ever!
That stupid kelloggs cereal descries the product as "morish" ... I almost vomit when I hear the word!
ayon kay IP Freely ika-26 ng Abril, 2005