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An egg like shape that isn't actually an egg.
That Yaris is very neg shaped.
ayon kay Sedanian ika-01 ng Agosto, 2010
5 10
To hit or ram someones face with a forearm or elbow
my knuckles were bleeding so i had to neg his face
ayon kay Boxer52465465 ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2009
1 6
Playful form of teasing
Man I was opening up conversations and at the same time being able to throw negs...
ayon kay SirMike87 ika-11 ng Agosto, 2010
8 14
Neg = short for HIV negative. Not Positive = Poz
I'm neg, not poz, refers to HIV negative, not HIV positive
ayon kay Aguppie ika-13 ng Agosto, 2006
17 23
short for negro, but easier to say.
also it is nicer and friendlier to say than nigger.
hey neg, you wanna be on the basketball team?
ayon kay abzii ika-04 ng Abril, 2008
7 16
To show displeasure with orgasm like qualities
Dan had a neg because he broke his vibrator.
ayon kay DREKKKKKKKKKKKKK ika-26 ng Enero, 2008
43 52
1. An act of superior athleticism or ability that an African American would usually be able to do. eg.(jump high, run fast, owning an opponent in general)

2. Showing amazing skills and/or abilities on any kind of competitive atmosphere.
A 5' 7" basketball player dunks the ball over a 6' 4" defender. You say, "wow that was so neg!"

A football player snags a pass with one hand in the corner of the endzone while still keeping his toes in bounds. You say, "that catch was so neg!"
ayon kay Quinn Staley ika-12 ng Setyembre, 2007
5 14