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no fucking way
"breakfast meeting at eight? nfw"
ayon kay john badger ika-17 ng Marso, 2004
abbreviation for 'no fucking way'. the F is added for extra emphasis.
"give you a blowjob? NFW!"
ayon kay Shourjya ika-08 ng Hunyo, 2009
No fucking way – A frequently used comment by a person who doesn't think a number makes sense during the financial due diligence process.
“The margin went up 90% in FY02! NFW!”
ayon kay recyclebin ika-17 ng Hunyo, 2013
no (freaking) way - used to describe a situation which is not possible or which you cannot believe
NFW can I jump over that! -or- You got married? NFW!

ayon kay Jay Furick ika-14 ng Setyembre, 2007
no fucking way !!!!!!!!!!!
green day are AWESOME. blink suck compared
NFW man! blink 182 are wayy better than green day
ayon kay Kittyy ika-19 ng Nobyembre, 2007
No fudging way!
aimLoZeR:i got a pupee
ayon kay TheWiggidy ika-12 ng Oktubre, 2003
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