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Something shouted in order to distract an opponent in a sporting event or other contest which requires skill to set up or execute a shot, most often heard in golf games (especially miniature), but also heard when playing pool or darts. From the film Caddyshack, when fellow caddies taunt Noonan in the hopes that he will miss a critical putt.
Noonan! Miss it, Noonan! NNNNNNooooonan!
#caddy shack #putt putt #insult #botch #sabotage
ayon kay lp1222 ika-25 ng Hulyo, 2006
A substitute word for anything, default used to mean a cat or other small, cute animal.
That goddamn noonan took a shit in the house again!
#cat #cute #animal #anything #word
ayon kay Guts beat in ika-23 ng Disyembre, 2013
When you cut your finger while playing guitar. The term gets it's name from Ant Noonan, frontman of Grunge/Shoegaze band Albino Pidgeon, who is known for cutting his finger during live performances.
Ouch, I just did a Noonan while playing guitar
#noonan #cut #guitar #blood #pain
ayon kay Kurai ika-17 ng Pebrero, 2013
Code word for just the tip, in the event that other people are trying to sleep nearby.
Man I noonan'd the shit outta this girl last night while you were sleepin right next to us.
#just the tip #noonan #sex #noonin #noonen
ayon kay Danny Noonanny ika-19 ng Marso, 2010
also known as pulling a noonan. the act of busting a nut during a school dance
Kyle Noonan busted his pants during homecoming
#busting #coming #loser #virgin #wierdo
ayon kay kyle noonan 8==> ika-16 ng Oktubre, 2008
A saucy person who tends toward vulgar rudeness. Typically refers to a female of Hispanic descent. May also be used as an adjective.
Damn, that's so noonan.
#sassy #bitch #monique #oh no she di'nt #rude
ayon kay Masika ika-29 ng Mayo, 2009
A sexii bitch with atitude
I want to fuck dat noonan, she so feisty
#sexy #j lo #hot #bitch #monique
ayon kay Juan gomez gonzalez ika-29 ng Mayo, 2009
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