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a verb. To ejaculate. Cum (v.)
A cum lover always wants her man to nut in her mouth when she giving him a blowjob.
ayon kay NoHalo4Me in KC again ika-14 ng Pebrero, 2009
32 20
A word for no.
Many Scottish people say it.
"Fancy going out the night?"
"Nut mate, a cannae, am busy the night."
ayon kay Cyborg Ninjas ika-10 ng Marso, 2009
18 8
courage, in reference to testicles
He didn't even flinch when that guy shot at him, he's got nuts man.
ayon kay Peter "MILF" Cameron ika-11 ng Abril, 2008
39 29
The tasty reward you get after giving a dude sum really good head.
Diane don't like to suck dick, but she does it real good anyway cause she luvs Nut!
ayon kay bxmuscle ika-08 ng Enero, 2011
16 7
A fool .. Some one who does something really dumb
Y r u acting like a nut.

Yo you a nut .

Get ya nutt ass out of here .
ayon kay Ricqi ika-31 ng Marso, 2008
23 14
The cost of overhead at a business.
This is a nice operation here. What's your monthly nut?
ayon kay ajiggy ika-25 ng Nobyembre, 2003
42 34
Word for ejaculation, as used by DJ Assault in the song 'Nut in your eye'
From the song: Hoe don't cry if I nut in your eye...

Poor Gem, John nutted in her eye last night
ayon kay aps2008 ika-19 ng Marso, 2008
12 6