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The concept of being obsessed with sex
All that girl ever thinks about it sex; she's so OBSEXED.
ayon kay Toni G ika-05 ng Hulyo, 2005
being obsessed with the idea of sex with another person.
We accept that Liz has some rack, but Matt is getting obsexed with her by the day!
#obsessed #sex #crave #obssexed #attracted
ayon kay scrabbler89 ika-03 ng Disyembre, 2010
To be so obsessed with sex that EVERYTHING is sexual.
Kenny is so obsexed he can't even watch a girl eat a carrot.
#sex #obsessed #blow job #obsexsed #eat
ayon kay PhoenixLights ika-19 ng Marso, 2010
Obsessed with sex in speech, thought, action or theme.
That's what's wrong with the media these days- they're obsexed.
#obsessed #sex #pre-occupied #lust #chastity
ayon kay Kwesi ika-07 ng Oktubre, 2007
To be obsessed ( sexually ) with someone or something.
I'm totally obsexed with Benedict Cumberbatch right now, gurl.
#obsessed #fangirl #shipping #otp #fanfiction
ayon kay Ellshizzle ika-25 ng Abril, 2014
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