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the hottest girl you will meet. usally very talented and beautiful. also the has a very sexy ass.
Dangg, that girl must be a raley,
#sexy #hot #amazing #beast #nice
ayon kay Parker Kirtley ika-20 ng Agosto, 2011
To have a bipolar moment.
To freak out on a kid for no exact reason.
Did you see that teacher go raley on that kid in geometry? He started throwing papers and cussing out the kids!
#teacher #bipolar #coach raley #geometry #crazy #anger
ayon kay Y0UNG J33Z3Y ika-03 ng Mayo, 2009
Taking a deuce while on overtime at work
He got fired because he took a Raley
#( pooping #working #bathroom #shitting #pinching the loaf)
ayon kay Fillup ika-01 ng Hulyo, 2015
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