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Relax; Chill out; Calm Down
Kid 1: I have a test tomorrow and I'm so stressed and I don't know what to do-

Kid 2: Dude! Refresh, seriously!
ayon kay CarMay ika-04 ng Nobyembre, 2010
17 6
The internet browser button that instructs the browser to reload the website.
404 error? I'm clicking 'refresh'!
ayon kay Diggity Monkeez ika-25 ng Enero, 2005
30 20
In Warcraft III, it means closing all the open slots in a game and reopening them so the game appears further up on the custom game list. Thus, getting more people in your game.
"Refresh slots?"
"rf nub host"
ayon kay GreatHammurabi ika-04 ng Hulyo, 2006
15 11
Being forced to change ones cell phone number or email address due to being consistently contacted by undesired parties or persons, such as ex-lovers.
Since I was getting so much spam, I just had to refresh my email address.
ayon kay D Bokeyno ika-14 ng Agosto, 2008
6 7