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A sex move,where the guy places the girl on his dick and spins her around on his dick like a propeller!

Requires either a strong dick, or a light weighted girl
Oh my god, im so horny just roflcopter me now!
ayon kay Tentacle man ika-04 ng Oktubre, 2008
18 48
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Cos Of Ptolemy's Trademark Eventful Ramblings
Ptolemy: sometimes I let her whip that to far?
Me: No hahahah ROFLCOPTER!
ayon kay NETMAARDK ika-18 ng Abril, 2010
4 35
Pronounced rah-full-cop-tur; Someone acting like an idiot or someone being incredibly stupid... so stupid that it's funny.
"Look at that roflcopter."
"What a roflcopter."
"Oh my god, roflcopter."
ayon kay Dyelineye Carlineye ika-18 ng Setyembre, 2008
5 36
Rolling On the Floor Laughing, Can't OPerate 'Til Everyone Rolls
Roflcopter, that's so funny!
ayon kay rofl queen ika-07 ng Abril, 2010
3 35
A sexual position. It is performed by the female positioning herself on the floor with her pelvis in the air. The male then proceeds to penetrate her. While inside the male rotates in 360 degrees for some time. If performed correctly this results in an intense orgasmic experience for the female.
Yeah so I hit her with the ROFL Copter and she came all over the place!
ayon kay Abenotiq ika-25 ng Hulyo, 2009
21 54
The helicopter that arrives in Call of Duty 4 online play after a play gets a 7 kill streak and calls it into the game
Player #1: w00t w00t, i got 7 killz, my copter will pwn you nubs

ayon kay DbP|Kog ika-04 ng Hunyo, 2009
6 39
When you say ROFL multiple times, rofl rofl rofl rofl: it sounds like an helicopter. So you say roflcopter instead.
ayon kay whitefag68 ika-31 ng Mayo, 2009
15 48