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to hug someone constantly; hump.

I'll sammy you if you dont shut up!
ayon kay yoonjongsuks ika-11 ng Marso, 2009
122 90
The most beautiful girl in the entire world. Loved by everyone, but can be a bitch when she wants to be. Kind of a lightweight. A cherished member of the everlasting love star. Also, a bit of a whore.
Sammy- That girl at the party with the hat she stole from some guy she doesn't know.
ayon kay Banana12 ika-03 ng Pebrero, 2010
92 65
The coolest guy you know. The man among men.
The guy you wish you was. Someone well endowed.
If I was a Sammy I'd have a date for sure.
ayon kay battletoad21 ika-05 ng Pebrero, 2009
156 134
A person who is a great flirt and knows how to work their magic on people.

Plays people and knows how to get their own way when sex or any sort of sexual relationship is involved.

Sammy's never know when to shut up and will flirt with anything they see potential sexual contact with. They also tend to be pretty damn funny and you either love them or you hate them.
Most of them are pricks but they're lovable ones.
A 'Sammy' can refer to a male or female.
Go over there and flirt like you're a Sammy!
ayon kay Tiktackz ika-11 ng Agosto, 2011
18 7
Womens breast that have extremely long gross nipples.
Rob: I had Ms. Warren over last night.
Vik: Did you see her boobs this time?
Rob: Yeah she had some sammies!
Vik: Ew gross.
ayon kay Phixxy ika-24 ng Enero, 2011
17 6
A word used to describe a hot sister of someone you know.
John's sister is such a sammy!
ayon kay LOLOLOLOL1234567890 ika-16 ng Nobyembre, 2009
25 17
A sandwich. Often, one that is homemade.
Yo, while your out could you grab me a sammy?
ayon kay Icabob ika-10 ng Disyembre, 2006
141 135