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to sneer at
i scoffed at the paper that i received a "f" on.
ayon kay amber ika-22 ng Abril, 2004
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1. to mock someone or otherwise treat them in an offensive manner

2. food
The sooner you finish your scoff, the better.
ayon kay Light Joker ika-02 ng Disyembre, 2006
a sarcastic cough
basically to cough and laugh at the same time to a funny situation
weak guy "im gonna beat you up"
tough guy "*scoff* yea sure"
ayon kay Money Fi$t ika-03 ng Abril, 2005
Dinner. Food. Meal.
Are you coming to get some scoff?
ayon kay Olly ika-30 ng Agosto, 2003
An expression used to covertly express disgust/disrespect/etc of a passing individual to a friend without alerting or offending the target. Origin- The verb "to scoff," which means "to mock or treat with derision."
Upon passing a female with a reputation of promiscuity.

ayon kay Doomlad ika-02 ng Abril, 2007
To eat fast
"I like to scoff cock"
ayon kay John Mc Bastard-Face ika-03 ng Mayo, 2003
Quick meal
Similiar to just scoff but able to say "going for scoffs" which means having a quick meal.
ayon kay John Hosie ika-21 ng Setyembre, 2008

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