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when one man is underwater at least 12 feet deep and repeatedly cranks the cork
crispin: hey i went swimmin yesterday
crebby: oh yeah did you see that guy scork?
ayon kay Jinno ika-14 ng Disyembre, 2007
The act of sucking your own cock.
Brantley: Are you gay?
Clay: Sucking your own cock isn't gay (defensively).
Brantley: You fucking scorker!
(Clay cries).
ayon kay s43r2kj ika-12 ng Agosto, 2008
the name for a willy and scrotum
alan asks rebecca ...

''what are you doing?''

rebecca replies.

''im just polishing daniels scork''
ayon kay Johnson123456 ika-02 ng Agosto, 2009