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really telling the truth.
"no, like, seriously we did!"
"don't go, seriously."
"seriously, you don't even know."
ayon kay BaBiedoll ika-26 ng Nobyembre, 2003
162 54
Disbelief in sarcastic form.
(As commonly used on the show Grey's Anatomy)
Meredith: You didn't sign the divorce papers. Fine. I get it. End of discussion.
Derek: Oh... I usually just say "Meredith" and then you yell at me. I haven’t thought past that point. I actually didn’t have anything planned. Meredith hits him repeatedly with her purse
Derek: Listen! Hey stop it! Ow!
Meredith: Seriously? Seriously?!
ayon kay Laurdev ika-15 ng Setyembre, 2007
96 45
Alternate term for the word "yeah".
"That movie was pretty good."
ayon kay Clay ika-23 ng Agosto, 2003
102 52
A lazy response of agreement to almost any statement. Takes the place of 'yeah', 'same', or 'mmm'.
Person 1: This lecture totally blows.

Person 2: Serously...

Person 1: Man, I am so hungover.

Person 2: Seriously...
ayon kay tillytat ika-28 ng Oktubre, 2009
16 7
An achievement in Gears of War, which the description 'Kill 10000 people in ranked match total'.

It never unlocks exactly on 10000, the player is mostly required to get around 13-15k kills.

The achievement can also be unlocked by glitching it, by using another account that has seriously.
1st Person: Yo I'm working towards getting the Seriously achievement man.
2nd Person: Haha, I can just glitch it.
ayon kay Rage man999 ika-10 ng Hulyo, 2008
31 22
Used when you're not *actually* serious.
Seriously, I want to be part of the elite media. Shit, I want to be part of anything with the word 'elite'
ayon kay sprtagt ika-18 ng Pebrero, 2012
5 6
1- to mean something with intent

2- Homestarrunners' SAying, also on bumber sticker, i really reccomend you check out the Strongbad Sings though (now has a great discount price!)
1- ''put it back, stoopid kris!''

2- Seriously, guys.
ayon kay BObo D. HObo ika-29 ng Hulyo, 2004
2 3