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A great white bat described in Ace Ventura, very holy
"Shakaka!" Everyone bows
ayon kay Salamander ika-11 ng Hulyo, 2003
68 24
1. Used to describe the greatness of something.
2. A great display of pun after a long period of silence
3. A third party interjection.

Used in reference from the Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls movie
"so what'd you guys think of the movie?" *silence* "Shakaka!"
ayon kay L7D ika-24 ng Hunyo, 2006
26 12
Word used while under the influence, to thus signify the level or extremity of feeling 'out of ones head' or of the 'floating' sensation caused by recreational drugs and or alcohol.
"Dude...I am so hungry,"(then here is the long pause)"Shakaka".
ayon kay WhAtIsBaM ika-12 ng Disyembre, 2005
12 22