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A combination of "sick" and "wicked".
Person 1: I'm watching a fat guy wearing a thong do the Chicken Dance on national television!
Person 2: That is so totally sicked.
ayon kay Ninde ika-21 ng Pebrero, 2005
Meaning awsome, cool, perfect.
I combination of the slag uses of sick and wicked.
Antonym: unsicked
Pronounced: Sick-ED
That was movie was sicked!
ayon kay PAtrick John fagan ika-17 ng Mayo, 2008
Somebody does somethin mad!
Dave: Im goin basejumpin off a cliff without a parachute.
Me: Yea? Sick-ed!

Me: Look at that guy over ther ready 2 jump off that building!
Stu: Sick-ed
ayon kay Mart-Bury ika-06 ng Mayo, 2009
If something is well good, its sick 'ed mate
"We're going to the cinema tonight!"
"Sick 'ed mate!"
ayon kay billybillyohbilly ika-19 ng Enero, 2008