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slurp; the act of performing oral sex.
The girl slurped pj for 2 hours.
ayon kay ross ika-23 ng Pebrero, 2004
292 101
1~sucking dick
2~sweating on someone hardcore
1~that chickenhead was just slurpin him
2~damn u slurp john
ayon kay katiecutie153 ika-26 ng Hunyo, 2005
184 95
Sucking on something
Edward was Slurping on Jadens chest
ayon kay Jaden Marie ika-06 ng Agosto, 2003
130 82
To overly admire another individual. Usually sarcastic, it is used to notify and embarrass the 'sluper' who is highly regarding or adoring the other person. Can be used if one person is good friends with another person too.
Chris: I really like Mike. He's a good kid.
Jay: Yo, stop slurping Mike, guy.

Jay: You spend a lot of time with Mike. All you two do is slurp each other.


Chris: I really like her.
Jay: You're sluprin' this chick. Stop being a faggot.

ayon kay jamison243 ika-22 ng Oktubre, 2008
86 59
A very wet and sloppy, although affectionate lick. Not necessarily involving a sexual act. Usually involving animals, or online anthropomorphic roleplay.
The dog slurped her mate on the muzzle.


*slurps your muzzle and hugs*
ayon kay Wolf2186 ika-22 ng Hulyo, 2005
62 47
A noisy soind associated with the mouth ie.a noisy lick... Lick may have a sexual link to it.
I could almost here the slurp coming from between my thighs...
ayon kay Aido ika-20 ng Disyembre, 2004
42 29
noise made whilst drinking from the furry cup
slurped for 20 minutes and the bitch still wouldnt cum
ayon kay lee ika-28 ng Marso, 2003
57 45