Being high as hell off weed used around Maryland.
A son im smacked like shyt 4real
ayon kay Smackedboi ika-27 ng Oktubre, 2009
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thizzin. high off e.
" damn i was so smacked last night"
ayon kay jnvjdksnv ika-06 ng Enero, 2008
High off of Marijuana, Nice Buzz
Damn bro I'm smacked like shit!
ayon kay Sickyle ika-28 ng Enero, 2003
act of being bent, smoked up, high, drunk

when someone is "Smacked" that means that they are either high or drunk. You see a man, " yo, he's smacked as hell", that means he's high.
ayon kay Ohmod Logan ika-23 ng Hunyo, 2006
To be On one,Under the influnce of mdma,E tarded,thizzing,Rolling balls.
"I was dumb ass smacked Off that Red Bunny"
ayon kay Mr.MDMA ika-18 ng Mayo, 2008
Really High off of Weed
Yoooo Im so smacked right now!
ayon kay GudGurlGoneBAD ika-01 ng Pebrero, 2010
Smacked is when you start feelin the pill take affect.

Smackers- Another word for ecstacy pills
" Damn my nigga im dummy smacked."

"Call that beezie for some smackers."
ayon kay Jaccie-O ika-21 ng Hunyo, 2006

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