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putting a friend in a headlock to therefore give them a better look at a hott girls ass
justin put peter in the snaw position to look at sams amazing ass
ayon kay Peter Tits ika-16 ng Nobyembre, 2006
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to push one's breasts close together in order to make them appear larger and to accentuate the cleavage
After Megan snawed her tits looked three times the size!
ayon kay Justin Sane ika-05 ng Enero, 2003
SNAW (n.) - snow that falls just to tease you.
Snaw, man! It's snaw. >:(
ayon kay da_snaw_man ika-29 ng Marso, 2011
Scottish for 'snow'
All the hills are covered in snaw
ayon kay cribbage guy ika-29 ng Marso, 2004

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