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A condition where liquefied faecal matter is expelled violently from the anus.
Dude, I totally had the spreets after that rancid curry.
Guy 1: How's your woman going?
Guy 2: Good! Last night she was rimming me and I spreeted all over her face. She loved it!
#spreet #the runs #diarrhoea #diarrhea #the shits #sharts #trots
ayon kay MajorSpreets ika-17 ng Pebrero, 2011
Getting suprised/excited by a tweet.
I got spreet!
#surprised #excited #delighted #shocked #sprung
ayon kay rakky4 ika-27 ng Marso, 2010
A deal website that has created a whole new level of useless. They charge for vouchers, then don't send them.
Beyond tits on a bull useless.
The USA rugby team are as useful as Spreets.
#spreets #useless #deal #website #voucher
ayon kay Everliving ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2011
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