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Pull the trigger on a gun on some one.
"squeeze it, ya pussy mutha fucka!!"
"bitch, squeeze it if you can!!"
ayon kay madi99 ika-08 ng Enero, 2008
15 8
1. In men's gymnastics, Region 5's (and Marvin Kimble's) motto/catch phrase

2. Masturbation
1. "Did you see Stace Erv stick that dismount?!"
"Hell yeah thats how you squeeze it!"

2. "Dude, Jacoby already squeezed it twice and we've only been at camp for 45 minutes!"
ayon kay squeezeit555 ika-15 ng Agosto, 2010
9 3
Squeezit, a slang known as a fruit drink
drunk up a squeezeit
ayon kay 5567 ika-12 ng Mayo, 2008
1 0