They have no sister school. They have no social lives. They have no athletic program. But they'll always be better than Gonzaga!
St. Albans guy: You go to what school?
St. Anselm's guy: It doesn't matter. Atleast im not a Gonzaga fag.
ayon kay God's Not Purple ika-29 ng Hulyo, 2004
A tight school on the way down. Used to be the best school in DC for guys not obsessed about their looks and dicks. now its just a bunch of fat kids better off dead. Go somewhere else. st. anselm's ain't better than public school really but least its better than zaga. u know st. anselm's don't have a rep but who cares college is way more important
St.As guy one: Life sucks dude.
St As guy two: yeah lets go shoot some pool
every girl: where the hell is st. anselm's?
ayon kay coolio mcdick ika-10 ng Setyembre, 2005
a school for kids who have no style, class, or even character. Only NCS bitches would date you guys. SR girls are too much for you to hanlde.
SR girl: Who is that bitch walking around with that loser?

another SR girl: Some bitch from NCS.....
ayon kay grlw/class#3 ika-04 ng Oktubre, 2004
guy school where the only way they get girls to look at em is letting em free into their dances. No boys schools allowed at dances; would make competition too fierce, cuz the only girls they would be able to hit on are the slutty ncs or holten girls, cuz all the awesome girls (stone ridge DUH!) would be w/ the hottt landon and mater dei guys
st. anselms: this sux. all we got are the ncs girls, and theyll do anything for money. theyre not even hot!

mater dei: you get the sluts, and i get the smart hot ones!!HAHAHA
ayon kay liger3000 ika-11 ng Oktubre, 2004
a school with guys that no holton, visitation, holy child, holy cross, or ncs girl would date. only ugly stone ridge girls.
"Eww. That stone ridge girl goes out with that st. anselm's guy."

"Whats st anselm's?"
ayon kay anonymous ika-05 ng Hulyo, 2004
the nerdiest school on the planet that no one has heard of often confused with saint albans. we are really uncool people and proud of it. our vocabulary consists of primarily three words skeet cock and penis because we are also gay.
st. anslems guy: hey wats up
girl:what school do u go
st. anselms guy: Saint anselms's
girl: o u mean saint albans
st. anselms guy: yea...i am smarter than u because thats wat im told
girl: u are a gay nerd
St. anselms guy: skeet penis cock
ayon kay father peter ika-07 ng Pebrero, 2005
The gayest school that D.C. has to offer. The "guys" who attend the flaming school have never had girlfriends and have to pay girls to go out with them. Because they always get turned down by girls they've turned homo on each other and fuck each other. These dickless wonders that we refer to as "Gay Mother-fuckers" a.k.a St. Anselms Fags all give each other head. They are all ugly.. so motherfucking ugly. I feel bad for the girls who have been in contact with these flamers because. Funny thing is.. I am an Anselm Guy! Fuck Me fellow classmates of '05!!
" Look! A St. Anselm Guy is fucking his mom because that is the only woman that will give him the time of day!"
ayon kay Ben M. ika-28 ng Hulyo, 2004

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