Sexiest man in the world gets all the girls and has a great sence of humour and uber attractive he also is very tall and smart and strong and can beat the shit out of anyone in volleyball. But in the end has has a great passion for video games such as zelda and pokemon
OMG is that stefan he is so cool
ayon kay ninjastar ika-14 ng Mayo, 2012
AKA: Shnookums.

A beautifully blue eyed, dreaded up, hunk of a man. Some might say he's perfect. His smile is enough to lighten up the worst of days, and his laugh will make your heart skip a beat. You will find yourself getting lost in his eyes on an hourly basis. My best friend, the love of my life, my rock, my go to man...Stefan is a package deal. He's the reason I wake up and go to bed the happiest woman alive. His occasional country twang, and even better country singing can make my entire day. His epic bass playing, and take on his favorite metal bands could entertain you for hours. He'll make you want to be the best version of yourself. Force your mind to wander to places it never has before. When you're with him, the world just feels right. You will not question anything, and you'll know that everything in life has ultimately led you to Stefan. Because you are the perfect two. You'll find yourself doing cheesy things, thinking cheesy thoughts, and defining him on Urban Dictionary. And none of that will matter, because he deserves the world. Stefan is incredibly genuine, hard working, insanely hilarious, crazy gorgeous, and perfectly silly....he's a once in a life time find.
Person: whoa, that guy is awesome! I love his dreads.

Zoe: yea, well what'd you expect? He's Stefan.
ayon kay ZBear ika-23 ng Pebrero, 2013
Some retard who thinks he is cool but cannot get laid. Even if he has a girlfriend he shall not get laid for at least two to three years.
"He's never gunna get laid, he's a stefan"
ayon kay Wanaka62 ika-27 ng Agosto, 2016
A man who is often percieved as gay due to his unusual hairstlyes, opinons regarding body hair and fashion sense. Stefans very rarely know what they want out of life and therefore tend to exude an air of confusion and bewilderment. Fortunately, Stefans tend to be very attractive. This attractiveness will however diminish as one learns more about a Stefans character. Good for a one night stand, but not much else.
That man would be really sexy if he didn't look so confused and homo.
Yeah, must be a Stefan.
ayon kay PurpleRhino123 ika-18 ng Enero, 2011
Synonymous to dumb, asshole, or both. Someone who tends to make seem others are dumb, but in actuality is a defense mechanism to disguise his own mental capacity.

Nonetheless, perhaps one of the most handsome, sweetest and ambitious guys you'll meet. Also, strong. <3
Hey Stefan, what's up? (aka. Hey dumb ass, what's up?)
ayon kay Shi-Fu ika-05 ng Mayo, 2016
Stefan is mostly used in the country of "Spain". Stefans are usually you think that are gay because of their retarded hairstyle, but they are really cool people. They tend to have 8-packs, and are amazing in bed. They are the funniest guys alive. They usually make adult jokes. They also try to make their writings perfect, like a Grammar Nazi. You would want a long-term relationship with them, and they are good for one-night stands.
Ken: I think that I'm falling for Stefan..
Ruby: I am too, he is amazing!
ayon kay Kenita ika-12 ng Hunyo, 2015
The biggest fucking skeeve on the planet.
"Shut the fuck up Stefan!"

"Stefan, you're about to enter a world of pain!"
ayon kay Skeeve Catcher ika-10 ng Oktubre, 2011
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