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Subaru Technica International

aka mustang killer
Did you see that STI kill the mustang?
ayon kay bunta ika-03 ng Hulyo, 2003
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n. 3298 pounds of Japanese fury. Untouchable by any car that doesn't cost at least twice as much and still faster than most of those too. The poorman's supercar.
I got pulled over doing 140 through traffic in my Sti.
ayon kay Jay Tang ika-03 ng Enero, 2005
Subaru Technica International, its a Subaru Impreza that was created for the sport of Rally Racing, it does fairly well in teh WRC (World Rally Chanpionship). Unfortunaly since being imported to the U.S. people started decking them out, and ruining the good name of the sti, thousands of hours in the wind tunnel went into perfectly shaping the aerodynamic features of it, only for people to spend hundreds of dollars to "improve" the aerodynamics, with more "aggresive" parts.
Peter Solberg beat Marcus Gronholm's Peugeot 306 WRC in his STI
ayon kay YoYoMaStEr ika-04 ng Mayo, 2005
Sexually Transmitted Infection/Illness

Another way to say STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

Is usually tranmitted through vaginal sex, oral sex, and anal sex, but can be transmitted through breast milk, blood transfusions, and shared drug needles, among other things.

Promiscuous people (Britney Spears, prostitutes (which are synonymous with Britney), teenage boys, among others) are especially likely to have an STI.
STIs are so much fun! ...Not! Clamydia, an clap silteach (Gonorrhea), Syphillis, breac bhoiceannach (Herpes), lionnachadh-grùthain (Hepatitis), an galar seirge (HIV), is that really worth sex without a condom? Throw you life away with one little fling? Try a condom and you'll see how romantic that they can be.
ayon kay Lorelili ika-19 ng Marso, 2005
1. Abbreviation for Subaru Technica International, the tuning and motorsports arm of Subaru. Analogous to Mercedes' AMG and Ford's SVT.

2. A model of the Impreza that has been extensively modified by STi. The name STi is used because of the length of the car's real name, the Impreza WRX STi.

3. The poor man's supercar, one which can outrun a Porcshe Boxster in the 1/4 mile and can rip up snow and gravel due to its all wheel drive.

4. EVO killer and the fear of all things Mitsubishi.
"That EVO on the highway got owned by my STi."
ayon kay frank carter ika-14 ng Mayo, 2005
the new name for what used to be known as STDs. stands for Sexual Transmitted Infection. was changed into STI so people could feel great about themselves, over the fact they have a nasty disease that they got, most likely from being a slut. how it makes people infected with STI feel good is that it says to them, you don't have a disease, you're just infected, it's not your fault. personally, i think disease sounds alot better than an infection. most common age group to receive STI/STD is teenagers, I know, as amazing as that sounds. To receive STI from someone online would look something like this.
Micheal is such a loser, he's infected with 5 different STIs! Hep C, Hep B, HIV, and many more! i got my friend to screw him with 10 STIs. Serves him right for stealing my Runescape account.
ayon kay chuga_chuga_choo_choo! ika-22 ng Enero, 2009
A sexually transmitted infection.
Hey John I spent hours last night googling STI to get some relief, I cant take this itching anymore.

Its it Ironic how the owners of cant get rid of their site.
ayon kay eldudebrothers ika-31 ng Mayo, 2011

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