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excessively drunk at the wrong time, will fuck your girlfriend, no-talent asshole, master cum dumpster eater, resides in Seneca Falls, NY
Dan: You fucked your best friends girlfriend?!
Tim: Uhh yeah
Dan: Way to be a sweeting!
#dan dan #alaskan pipeline #turtle #donkey punch #dutchrunner
ayon kay Bill Sweeting ika-22 ng Nobyembre, 2011
the act of talking about sweet things of the person you like
he annoyed me with his sweeting.
#love #sweeeting #annoying #like #stuff
ayon kay that azn kid ika-12 ng Oktubre, 2011
Tweeting on a touchscreen while so covered in sweat that it comes out completely wrong.
An example of Sweeting would be accidentally tweating 'fatty badgers' while attempting to tell the world about the mildly strenous walk you are currently partaking in.
#sweat #tweet #exercise #poser #tweethead
ayon kay tocker ika-30 ng Abril, 2012
Sexy Tweeting.
Michael spent much of his time at work sweeting with his twitter friends.
#sexting #tweeting #flirting #emailing #sweating
ayon kay Bbrockman ika-09 ng Hulyo, 2010
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