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Extremely muscular or buff.
Craig: yo Ray Ray have you seen Trey lately?
Ray: yeah he's been hittin the weights hasn't he?
Craig: yeah he's swole dawg
ayon kay Low Clef ika-14 ng Abril, 2004
1868 536
The state of being very muscular and/or buff and in good shape.
"Dude you are swole as fuck!"
ayon kay IceWarm ika-04 ng Nobyembre, 2004
922 507
To be big, with large muscles.

Usually one gets 'Swole' or 'Swole Up' while in prison because of excessive lifting weights.

In Texas usually pronounced Shwole.
'oooooooooooie that nuckka is SWOLE!!!!!!'
ayon kay Dont-Be-Skurrd ika-12 ng Hunyo, 2004
651 466
To be jacked or buff as shit. Having muscle on top of muscle and being big.
Emmanuel: "Aldo your not swole!"

Aldo: "I'm swole! I even look swole in this extra large tee"

Kevin: " Yeah he's swole as shit!"
ayon kay Swolebayi ika-29 ng Nobyembre, 2010
262 245
the fact that you are ripped, cut, buff, and or muscular as shit! hitting the gym hard and every day.
girl 1: omg have you seen Raul!?

girl 2: YES he's so swole! <3
ayon kay racer00 ika-24 ng Hulyo, 2011
166 156
Derogatory term used for a rigged cunt that kicks trees down with his shins.
"Wow Andrews looking swole!" "Nah mate that's a fucking oak tree."
ayon kay Grand father oak ika-17 ng Enero, 2014
15 11
A very large man who doesn't have any balls due to over usage of steroids.
Derek considers himself swole, but he's actually a very large chode!
ayon kay JBus ika-27 ng Pebrero, 2014
4 10