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the female equivalent of a sausage fest.
"Dude, that John Mayer concert was a total taco stand."
#taco #stand #female #concert #sausage fest
ayon kay Gearmond ika-03 ng Enero, 2009
A buttload of pussy all at once!!! plural
I ate a fucking taco stand last night!!!
ayon kay eminemthethug ika-14 ng Hunyo, 2003
the equivalent of a female T-bagging.
little girl says to her father while playing a game "look daddy im T-bagging him" dad replies " no honey you don't have balls, you are Taco standing him.
#taco stand #t- bagging #balls #vagina #chocolate thunder
ayon kay Rivari ika-20 ng Nobyembre, 2014
A place where you can go to acquire non-citizen labor.
Hey I am going to the Taco Stand at 7-11 to see if I can find someone to help me move my couch.
#tacos #stande #mexican #day-worker #brown
ayon kay makingtheworldabetterplace ika-13 ng Mayo, 2010
A brothel
I spent all my money at the Taco Stands in Vegas.
#cathouse #brothel #whorehouse #clam shack #clam room
ayon kay Cape Cod Viking ika-02 ng Nobyembre, 2008
a females genital area basically a vagina
i was giving my girlfriends taco stand the chorizo she asked for
#taco #vagina #muff #genitals #whispering eye
ayon kay BigBear94 ika-28 ng Marso, 2015
An event or location where women normally go to pick up men, but is inexplicably occupied by other women. See also: hotdog stand
This club is a total taco stand. Where are all the guys?!
#taco fest #hotdog stand #hot dog stand #sausage fest #girls night out
ayon kay LegalizeWords ika-19 ng Agosto, 2010
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