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When two people have a relationship together of more than just being friends.
So are yall talkin or is he free
ayon kay kanisha ika-03 ng Pebrero, 2005
Word on the street. Gossip.
Talk is, you flipped!
ayon kay T-Boy ika-05 ng Agosto, 2004
to speak with words from the mouth.
Would you like to talk with her, today or sometime in the future?
No, we talked to each other already.
ayon kay dirk dorkwad ika-18 ng Disyembre, 2011
pretty much telling someone to shut the fuck up.
Joe- Dude can i get a dip?
Jared- Talk dude yall live.
ayon kay Clydester ika-13 ng Abril, 2009
person who always has sumthin to say behind your back
she bes quit talkin or ima beat her down
ayon kay *~lil.loca~* ika-12 ng Pebrero, 2004
to have sex
Did you "talk" to her last night.
ayon kay Dr. Friedtits ika-14 ng Nobyembre, 2010
(v) To make out.
Future tense-"I really want to talk with

Past tense- "We were talking forever." OR "We talked all night."

Present tense- "We are talking right now,please leave us alone."
ayon kay ~JvB~ ika-21 ng Enero, 2009