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A TV show which followed the events surrounding a fictional president and his staff. The show was unashamedly liberal although always tried to show Republicans in a fair and honest light.

Despite not initially having the highest viewing figures, the program attracted then-record sums for adverts in America as the audience was deemed to be massively middle-class and wealthy.

Lambasted by a number of conservatives for being a liberal show, but remains the high point for televisual output from the States for the last 20 years.

The quality of the program declined when the creator, Aaron Sorkin left and the show has now been cancelled.

Famous for fast-paced dialogue and bringing politics to the (educated) masses. Presumably hated by the MTV generation as it has storylines that you are required to follow.

Names, rather obviously, after the West Wing of the White House where the various staff were primarily based.
The West Wing will remain the benchmark for all political and dramatic television for years to come.
ayon kay MiddleClassWhiteGuy ika-25 ng Hulyo, 2006
The best show on televison ever until the 5th season, when it went into a massive decline as a direct result of Aaron Sorkin leaving. While many of the ideas in the show were very, very improbable in a real-life political situation, it still managed to educate more people on the workings of politics than almost any other form of fictional television entertainment (with the possible exception of The Daily Show). Basically rocks my world.
The West Wing is the best TV show ever; President Bartlet needs to take over.
ayon kay soodle42 ika-14 ng Mayo, 2007
Aaron Sorkins masterpiece which promulgated the stipulation of liberal righteousness in US politics. Starring Marting Sheen and various other liberal douches, the politics of this show were vividly pathetic however the dialogue was insightful and witty.

Postives: Donna Moss was a hoe and CJ Craig was a dyke
Negatives: The writing staff all voted for Kerry
The West wing is the greatest political drama of all time.
ayon kay rockin eddie BBBBB ika-04 ng Nobyembre, 2005
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