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A synonym for the word "those".
Aii, drop them nikies of yo ass.
ayon kay ecliptic ika-05 ng Pebrero, 2004
195 55

Words related to them

you all they fuck the i me love of those us it kill are to and that her him ass
Everyone who is not one of us.
htrn: It waz them! They did it!
ayon kay daDebil ika-29 ng Pebrero, 2004
64 24
A form of 'those' used to call attention to something. In this sense, it has both the functions of 'those' and a topic marker.
Them fake-ass Nikes ain't gonna help you pull no bitches.
Look at them motherfucking G's.
Them bones.
Them fish won't fry themselves.
ayon kay *bong hit* ika-11 ng Agosto, 2012
11 4
Contraction of "Those are".
Thems the bastards that took my cake.
ayon kay cudmaster ika-26 ng Abril, 2008
14 8
A Polite term for humongous boobs. Can be used anyway the user wishes.
Dude she has them!
dude them is wearing something hot today.
ayon kay FalconPunchinator ika-26 ng Mayo, 2009
26 22
A quirky, spritely little hobbit-ish freak that like dnd and gaming and has many issues.
Them was hugging everyone and dancing while high.
ayon kay Fem ika-22 ng Mayo, 2004
11 37