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Correct syntactical form of the urban slang expression "tore up". Describes condition of material or intellectual element that has been modified, generally violently or malavolently, from its original desired or accepted form.
Yo 'sup?! Last night I was torn up from all the partying and carousing we did, mothafucka! I don't want to do that again any time soon.
ayon kay Truth2Power ika-04 ng Setyembre, 2004
50 22
To have diareah or the runs.
I drank coffee and smoked a cigarette and now I'm all torn up.
ayon kay Nathan Tiberius ika-09 ng Oktubre, 2007
38 32
super high and fucked up on a variety of drugs
I want more than anything to be ripped, trashed, TORN UP
ayon kay HUH HUH HUH HIIIIIIGH ika-13 ng Mayo, 2006
10 17