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shady, not right
"you tried to get with my man w/out me seeing, and then when i did see, you denied it...your a triflin' bitch"
ayon kay Amber ika-29 ng Setyembre, 2002
someone who is one or all of the following : dishonest, shady, secretive, a player, 'all talk' without following thru, not worthy of general, a lack of ethics or general morale ie: worthless
shes trifling, she says one thing-does another
ayon kay Non-Triffler ika-10 ng Disyembre, 2007
1. (adj.) Describing a situation, person, or event that is pathetic.
"Man, you didn't wash yo' ass after sleeping with that girl?! You just triflin'!!"
ayon kay tak ika-08 ng Oktubre, 2001
adj, Used to describe a deceitful manipulative person or action.
Did you hear how he caught her in bed with another guy? That girl is trifling!
ayon kay Sliptastic ika-16 ng Agosto, 2007
Corissa Cline
She is so trifling!
ayon kay grown21 ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2012
someone who hollers at other chicks on myspace when they have a girlfriend, someone who likes to do sneaky things and is pathetic.
That dude is pretty trifling for trying to cheat on his girlfriend so many times.
ayon kay BLUEeyedGIRL4 ika-20 ng Mayo, 2009
an intolerable smelling stank or stench...extremely bad odor
"Did that bitch just eat a shit sandwich or something because her breath was trifling"
ayon kay Guy Stankowitz ika-12 ng Disyembre, 2008