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to trip; act funny be stupid
dat gurl was tweekin
ayon kay diamondbabi ika-02 ng Nobyembre, 2006
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actin funny; wildin' out; trippin hard
dude #1-daaaaag joe, I see horses in the mafuckin sky! On my momma check this shit out!

dude#2-that boy tweekin hard
ayon kay 74-BOSS ika-09 ng Agosto, 2005
To be high on methamphetamines.
"That dude is tweekin balls, must have been some good shit!"
ayon kay maryjane426 ika-07 ng Enero, 2006
word used to describe some one who has had drugs and is feeling the effects.
Dam Johny only took one hit and hes tweekin out.
ayon kay Danielle ika-29 ng Nobyembre, 2004
wanting real bad, or diggin' a lot, or needing
he tweekin for a joe.
ayon kay Jazmin 504 ika-29 ng Enero, 2006
meaning sprung, or obsessively in love with something or someone... :)
"uuuhhh, bitch yu tweekin, damn chill!"
ayon kay nicolebitchesz ika-16 ng Enero, 2009
to modify something in order to make it functional
I'm tweekin this light socket into this lamp, it's really designed for a bigger one.
ayon kay susieq502 ika-08 ng Enero, 2006

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