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when people generally do nothing with their lives, or waste opportunities, get drunk, miss lectures and sit in a bar getting drunk..the word can be futhered by adding a verb to the beggining of it

u incompetent wasteman

u pussy raping wasteman!

ayon kay adi solanki ika-17 ng Marso, 2008
74 101
Getting so wasted you tactical chunder 11 or more times during the period of drunkenness.
Dude, I was so wasted, I tc'd 15 times!
You're such a wasteman. LAD!
ayon kay w45t3945h ika-27 ng Hunyo, 2010
8 36
A small over weight lad, normally ginger who has bad facial skin. They tend to stick to their own groups and think theyre massively cool.
ie, "hey look at him! Hes such a wasteman"
ayon kay lil Charz ika-07 ng Hunyo, 2010
10 38
Someone who is a waste in every respect, a waste of space, waste of time, waste of effort etc etc.
1) Rikesh was late to his lecture so rikesh is a wasteman.
2) Rikesh had to meet mukesh but instead he took his bentley to te car wash. So rikesh is a wasteman.
ayon kay Ustadji ika-13 ng Marso, 2008
33 74
A term used by Telford Boys to describe anyone originating from the Hackney area of London.
"Yo nigga look at that guy from Hackney"
"Yeah blud i see dat fool, what a wasteman"
ayon kay Bob Joyce ika-30 ng Abril, 2008
8 51
A phrase commonly used by Telford Boys to describe anyone originating from the Hackney area of London
Man that guys from Hackney, what a wasteman!
ayon kay Bob Joyce ika-29 ng Abril, 2008
10 54
Anish in the auto cad
anish is a wasteman in Autoc CAD
ayon kay Auto king ika-24 ng Enero, 2008
7 52