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n- a white chick with a booty like a black chick.
"Do you see that whooty over there?"
"She has a whooty."
ayon kay Hendrix322 ika-08 ng Agosto, 2008
A white girl who has a pretty face, a nice slim waist, and a voluptiously large, bountiful, beautiful booty!
Man, I just saw some pictures of Jaime Koeppe. She's one of the most sexy women in the entire universe! She's absolutely a true whooty!
ayon kay Knowledge Doctor ika-17 ng Hulyo, 2009
A white girl with a booty
Damn homegurl is a whooty

Look at that whooty!
ayon kay Erin the sexy white girl ika-05 ng Agosto, 2008
White girl with a booty!
"She's a whooty"
ayon kay Trackrabbit ika-15 ng Setyembre, 2008
White girl with a booty.
Tiffany: Dang, Jessica, does this fat ass of mine make my ass look big?

Jessica: Word, Tiffany. You're a whooty.

Tiffany: Righteous.
ayon kay Carla is a whooty. ika-06 ng Setyembre, 2008
A great term to describe a fantastic booty on a hot white girl.
Guy 1: Whoa, that Jessica Simpson girls got one huge ass!

Guy 2: Yeah man that's just one big whooty.
ayon kay Maccabeus ika-14 ng Setyembre, 2008
A white girl with a big ol' booty.
Devante: "Dayum, Darrel! I never noticed Claire had a such a big ol' fine ass! Mmmm mmm mmmh! White girl got it goin' on!

Darrel: Nigga! Claire is what you call a whooty!
ayon kay Andy_R89 ika-24 ng Enero, 2010