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Acting Crazy; Acting Stupid; Acting Up
GAry: Kiesha just jumped Lynn!
Steven: dat trick is wilin.
ayon kay Phayna ika-23 ng Abril, 2005
verb: acting in a foolish manner indicitive of one's disregard for acceptable public behaviour; appearing to behave as a "wild" person. In some circles,wilin' is admired as a sign of hipness, having a good time and a positive display of individuality.
1. "The suspect on "Cops" was wilin' once they found out that he was high on PCP."
2. "We were wilin' all up in the club with those hotties."
ayon kay Alert SWS ika-12 ng Oktubre, 2008
Being or Acting crazy. Usually associated with black people
yo man you wilin as hell.
ayon kay chickachicka ika-08 ng Hunyo, 2006