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The value of the angle between the tip of an erect penis and its neighboring testicles squared.
When determining the adjusted penis size (or T.M.I.) one must use the following equation: (Length * Diameter)+(weight/girth)/(yaw)
ayon kay ovechkinch ika-21 ng Mayo, 2011
97 39
The angle of a male genetalia's "shaft". A main factor in the USA's proper penis measurement equation drafted by Randy Marsh from South Park, CO. The weight and girth of the penis is divided by the YAW of the shaft, thus equaling the adjusted penis size. *Note: for proper measurement, a scale and protractor must be used to find true yaw.
Sure my flaccid schlong is only 4.1 inches when you measure it with a ruler, but when you factor in my YAW I'm a solid 5.9 inches of pure man steel.
ayon kay Benedicto Charleston III ika-25 ng Mayo, 2011
36 22
you are welcome
Thank you for helping me. You are the best!

ayon kay TribecaGreen ika-06 ng Hunyo, 2011
30 23
Chosen one
I am soo relaxed and happy when Dave is around. Everything gets done and more. He is obviously the Yaw in my life.

Yaw is always there at the exact time that you need him. Amazing isn't it?
ayon kay Spookyjay ika-11 ng Mayo, 2011
12 30
for saying yes
SOME TEENSTER:Hey faggit what the answer for number one? 1 + 1 = 5?
ayon kay asjkdasjAasnsanfNskajasjDksfksafY ika-19 ng Mayo, 2003
39 63
A word that can be used at the end of the sentance. It means awesomeness, and is used when talking about something you like.
I just ate the best mean, yaw!
ayon kay Yawwwwwwwww boy ika-13 ng Agosto, 2009
20 52
A more precise and correct word similar to jaw.
Ex) Eyy vato my yaw hurts.
ayon kay alacran2121 ika-23 ng Nobyembre, 2009
8 41