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yo moma, short. less complicated way of saying 'your mom'
may also be used in a form of a diss, or a put down
yo moma is so fat...
Sue- What did you do last night?
Will- Yo moma
ayon kay me ika-16 ng Marso, 2005
your mother , the person many people love to make fun of
yo moma so fat, even her picture is heavy

yo moma, her teeth so yellow, when she close her mouth her stomach lights up
ayon kay steve1312 ika-06 ng Abril, 2006
can be used as a response is prety much any situation
1. -"what are you sayin tonite brah?"
-"yo moma"
2. -"how did you do on that math test?"
-"yo moma"

ayon kay edyta ika-07 ng Enero, 2006
the most god damn stupid joke ever!
fred:hey man this shit is tight
steve: thats what yo momma said last night ohhhh!
fred:... shut the fuck up steve
ayon kay kirk ika-03 ng Abril, 2005
the thing i had last nite.
bob:oh my god that thing is huge.
nick:dats wut yo moma said last nite bitch :)
bob:damn it.
ayon kay Justin Bachman ika-08 ng Mayo, 2003
she's gooooood!
oh yeh1 i had yo moma last night
ayon kay tim mitchell ika-29 ng Hunyo, 2003