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Z series sports car built by Datsun/Nissan. 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZX, 350Z
That guy drives one cool zed!
ayon kay peanut squirrel ika-26 ng Abril, 2005
61 58
Its a slang short word word for the African country of Zambia,used mostly by the young generation.
So when are you going back to Zed?
ayon kay mspontiff ika-20 ng Abril, 2010
5 6
In Pakistani culture when someone is being a 'Zaleel' for something it is referred to as being a Zed. The Zed is often emphasised.
Attiah is a ZED for Jelly sweets.
ayon kay Tony Tabrez ika-19 ng Abril, 2010
1 3
"Zed" is the way us educated Canadians and British have pronounced the last letter of the latest incarnation of the Roman Alphabet.
ABC you get the rest, X, Y, ZED, DAMMIT, NOT ZEE!
ayon kay J. Michael Reiter ika-29 ng Enero, 2004
133 137
Zed is the definitive term for THE iconic motorcycle of the early 1970's.
The Kawasaki Zed 1 (Z900) made the tubby little Honda 750's look like overweight, bland barges, overnight. The KING.
ayon kay Piigy Peek Freen ika-03 ng Pebrero, 2009
0 5
The gay way to say the letter "Z".
"You're a crisp eating, chip chomping, petrol pumping, lift taking, lorry driving pretentious arse-hole who likes to sound gay by saying the letter "Z" like "Zed" instead of "Zee"."
ayon kay awblowmezedders ika-07 ng Nobyembre, 2011
5 12
'zed' is a common nickname for a suzuki supermoto model named 'suzuki dr-z'
"dude your new bike is sweet! what kind is it?"
"its a zed"
ayon kay zedluvver ika-24 ng Pebrero, 2007
6 14